ARENA, The Completely Mobile Smart Gym Solution Launches for Pre-Sale Today, September 25

NEW YORK, Sept. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ARENA, the new workout solution that is expanding the boundaries of the «at-home» gym,…

NEW YORK, Sept. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ARENA, the new workout solution that is expanding the boundaries of the «at-home» gym, has launched for official pre-sale today, September 25th, 2020. Created and designed by a team of on-the-move fitness experts who work with Olympic medalists, NFL, MLB and NBA players across the country, ARENA is re-imagining the gym by offering a completely transportable piece of fitness equipment. ARENA is the size of a suitcase and is constructed as a step box or bench that is completely controlled from your smart device, holds a month’s worth of workouts on a single charge and offers resistance up to 200lbs.

Measuring 36″ x 23.5″ x 9.5″, ARENA delivers more than 100 exercise options featuring multidirectional lines of pull to offer a variety of workouts from Pilates to deadlifts. The technologically advanced plyometric box boasts proprietary features like SmartWeight, a system that automatically adjusts the resistance weight to your optimal amount and Impact Score, which quantifies your training load to progress your workout to achieve fitness goals and avoid injury. ARENA also comes equipped with a smartphone-compatible app that syncs workouts for all experience levels straight to from the app to the box, provided by top U.S. pro athlete coaches.   

In a world where fitness enthusiasts are surrounded by screens, especially in the at-home gym space, ARENA’s complete portability provides flexibility in where you can take your workout. ARENA users can take their unit wherever they go, thanks to the Lithium-Ion Regenerative Charging Battery and the lightweight foldable travel dolly. The unique battery reabsorbs energy from workouts or can be charged within 40-minutes, providing up to four weeks of exercise programming. With ARENA, remote workouts are no longer confined to one room or one geographic location.

«When we designed ARENA, we wanted it to be something fun that would empower the user but would also be effective,» said Albert Matheny, Chief Marketing Officer at ARENA Innovation Corp. «There is a lot of noise in the at-home fitness space, and we didn’t want to sacrifice the science behind training. We’ve incorporated the most innovative technology to bring more workouts, training techniques and styles to everyone. You don’t need to find the best trainer in your area, platform, or online. We bring them to you,» added Matheny.

ARENA has a supplementary Android and Apple-compatible app that measures and records your power from each exercise, comparing them to past workouts as well as your Impact Score. For $20 a month, users will have access to daily, new workouts and 200+ exercise videos via ARENA’s Exercise Library, all designed by certified strength and conditioning coaches that have worked with top NFL, MLB and NBA players and teams. The ARENA app subscription also features 24-hour exclusive challenges where users can compete against their favorite creator’s high score and more.

ARENA Innovation Corp Creator Lead, Devon Lévesque, who is also a featured ARENA Coach on the app comments, «ARENA will change the fitness industry by allowing access to a more effective workout in a shorter amount of time via programmed workouts on the app.» He added, «It’s portable at less than 40lbs. For someone like me that is traveling and can’t afford to miss a workout, having access to 200lbs with a swipe of a finger is game changing for this category.»

ARENA is ready to use upon opening with an express onboarding workout and comes equipped with five attachments: a straight bar, single handle, ankle strap, tricep rope, and phone stand. Additional attachments will become available for purchase including: a hip belt ($90), high-performance straight bar ($125), plyometric training mat ($80) and lightweight foldable travel dolly ($45). The pre-sale will be limited to 500 units with a $250 deposit to reserve an ARENA unit slated for a late 2020 delivery. Designed and manufactured in the USA, ARENA is priced at $1500. To stay up to date with ARENA and to join the pre-order list, please visit:


ARENA is the premiere strength training solution on the market. Residing at the intersection of strength training and technological innovation, ARENA leads the at-home fitness space with breakthrough engineering and industry expertise to bring home fun, result driven workouts. Each unit weighs less than 40lbs and provides resistance up to 200lbs with the swipe of a finger, making ARENA a truly portable strength training device. ARENA users can experience a complete gym solution on the go using the unit’s regenerative charging technology that provides complete cordless freedom. ARENA’s app offers users a community-based experience where they can compete with friends, family or the global leaderboard with daily workouts and programs. Users can also use ARENA independently via freestyle mode. All of ARENA’s workout content is curated through the ARENA Coaches, consisting of elite trainers, performance coaches and physical therapists. ARENA utilizes real-time user generated data to customize workouts creating an accessible, entertaining and effective strength training experience. The ARENA app will be available on any iOS or Android device. ARENA Innovation Corp is headquartered in New York City. 

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