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ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hamwells introduces a new circulating shower for mobile homes, camper vans and outdoor life. Major…

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hamwells introduces a new circulating shower for mobile homes, camper vans and outdoor life. Major areas around the world will have a water crisis in the very near future or are already coping with one. The company has a cost-effective solution called Loopz that allows you to have a shower with only 6 liters of water instead of 60 liters. This will save 90% on water usage. «This water-saving shower is made for mobile homes, campervans and outdoor living,» according to the company. 

Loopz technology

Loopz is a shower that works with only 6 liters of water. It can be connected to any 12V power source like a converter, a battery pack or a USB-C powerbank. Loopz has a filtration system that ensures proper water quality. The shower operates on a low power pump that gives the equivalent output of a conventional water-saving showerhead. Loopz can be installed in mobile homes, camper vans or can be used as an outdoor shower using the optional shower tent. In all cases, all internal components can be quickly cleaned or replaced.

Water quality

Loopz is a circulating shower, meaning that you will -partially- reuse the shower water for the duration of your shower. Loopz uses advanced water cleaning technology to give you the best water quality possible. The company has designed a three-phase cleaning system. First, a sediment tank collects large particles like sand and dust. Next is a replaceable 40 micron PolyPropylene filter that blocks particles. In the last step, an optional LED UVC light source effectively eliminates most bacteria, algae and viruses (99.99%). These steps ensure proper water quality for shower purposes.

50-liter house project

We all use too much water. Major cities around the world will have a water crisis in the near future or are already coping with one. In Cape Town, South Africa, «day zero» already went to reality, forcing its 4 million Capetonians to reduce their water usage to only 50 liters per person per day. Bloomberg and Procter&Gamble have started the 50-liter house project, striving to bring together people to develop innovations that can bring down water usage. Hamwells wants to contribute to the pursuit of that goal by saving 90% of shower water in all environments, either indoors and outdoors.

About Hamwells

Hamwells was founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to make a better shower experience while saving on water and energy, focusing on wastewater heat recovery. The company created HomeSpa back in 2017. This high-tech wellness shower uses very little water while offering up to 40 liters of water from the showerhead. In 2019 the Blue was introduced. This product does not circulate water but instead uses a heat exchanger that allows you to recuperate about 75% of the energy used.

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Loopz, the Endless shower

Loopz, the Endless shower


Filtration process

The Filtration Module has 3 different stages: Sediment filter, PP microfilter, UV-C Filter.

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