Live Authentic – the Launch of a Clothing Line and Brand to Encourage Social Responsibility and Self Awareness

TWIN CITIES, Minn., Aug. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ellie Family Services, a Twin Cities based mental health agency founded by Erin…

TWIN CITIES, Minn., Aug. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ellie Family Services, a Twin Cities based mental health agency founded by Erin Pash and Kyle Keller, announces the launching of a new clothing line and brand, Live Authentic.

Fifty percent of the profits from the Live Authentic Collection go to charitable organizations, representing the agency’s latest movement in the pursuit of social responsibility. Live Authentic encourages people to find their own voice, and to take risks in becoming more of who they are, as opposed to going along to get along. The first iteration of clothing consists of a half dozen or so t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and tank tops, all brandishing the call to action- Live Authentic, to take the journey of honest self-discovery.

At Ellie Family Services, authenticity is one of the 6 core values that defines the ethos, operations, philosophy and client experience. This philosophy suggests that the better people know ourselves, the better they can show up for others and to fulfill their unique purpose. Cognitive dissonance is often caused by acting against one’s own inner compass, and to be true to one’s self is often an act of bravery, and a defiance of the norm.

The Live Authentic, movement is about challenging the status quo, undermining the concept of normality, and making it acceptable to be different. In today’s culture, people tend to try and emulate what’s popular, and to feel embarrassed at liking the things that might be countercultural and this movement is about «owning your inner weird,» whatever that may be.

To be authentic means to tell the truth about ourselves, and to gain a deeper insight into who you are- to know what one believes, to discover your own values, and to do your best to live up to them, even when it’s not popular. In describing the movement on their website, Erin Pash writes:

«The Live Authentic Collection is made to celebrate individual authenticity and the beauty of what makes each and every human being different. It’s made to embrace the journey people take when they decide to better their life through growth, self-discovery, and self-love. It’s what happens when someone decides to participate in their own wellness. Through therapy, through new experiences, through shedding toxicity, through hard work and whatever it takes to embrace who they are. The freedom granted from these experiences leaves humanity with a deeper care and acceptance for individuality. It unites us, creates tolerance, cultivates equality and allows people to Live Authentic.»

The elephant is Ellie Family Servicesmascot, and it symbolizes the power of compassion and relationships, as well participates in a variety of metaphors relevant to the therapy room (ie. «the elephant in the room», etc.). Purchases of clothing with the Ellie branded elephant logo on them sends fifty percent of profits to the World Wildlife Foundation. Buying clothing with the Live Authentic tagline sends fifty percent of profits to the Human Rights Campaign, which is an organization near and dear to Ellie owners and staff.

The Human Rights Campaign is the largest LGBTQ advocacy group in the world, and Ellie Family Services is an agency that specializes in working with LGBTQ populations across the state of Minnesota. Lastly, for every piece of merchandise purchased from Ellie Family Services, one dollar is donated to a local Twin Cities organization, «local schools, new local initiatives, community projects and infrastructure and protecting our local resources.»

The Live Authentic collection thats being launched is just the beginning of a larger movement- the movement towards redefining whos normal, as Ellie co-founder Kyle Keller says, «normal is no one, and everyone… theres no such thing as normal.» 

Society has often ostracized and excluded those who dont fit the mold, and real social healing comes through appreciating and honoring that which makes one different and unique. The Live Authentic movement towards greater authenticity is really consistent with the therapeutic process- finding out who one is, and being honest with oneself and learning how to tell the truth as truly seen. Ellie Family Services believes that therapy is often about exploring and uncovering ones own identity, and in building a strong foundation upon it in order to heal and meet the challenges of human life head on.

About Ellie Family Services, and Live Authentic

Ellie Family Services is a millennial-owned mental health agency quickly expanding across Minnesota. Ellie uses creative problem-solving to change the field of mental health. Ellie Family Servicesgoal is to «fill the gaps» in mental health care by using innovative thinking to reduce obstacles in accessing mental health services.

For more information about the Live Authentic Collection, and Ellie Family Services, including details about their services and rapid growth in Minnesota, please visit the company website:, or call Ellie Family Services at 651-313-8080.

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