U.S. Intrinsic Organics Expands Facilities to Accommodate Organic Inulin Demand

WEISER, Idaho, Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Idaho based Intrinsic Organics, LLC (IO) a B2B company specializing in clinically documented…

WEISER, Idaho, Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Idaho based Intrinsic Organics, LLC (IO) a B2B company specializing in clinically documented and 100% USDA Organic inulin has expanding its raw material storage capability. This expansion will allow us to keep up with growing customer demand, company owned farm operations growth, and to continue to position the company for the future growth in the growing Prebiotic market.

The IO team has grown from a beginning staff of 10 employees to more than 40 since it began commercial operations three over years ago.  IO just completed construction of two new custom-fit 15,000 square foot storage facilities that provide environmentally controlled storage for the Jerusalem Artichoke tubers harvested from their organic certified farm which now exceed 500 acres. The storage facilities will store Jerusalem Artichoke tubers between harvest and time of manufacture. Proper storage is critical to keeping the raw tubers fresh until the time it can go to the manufacturing process and extract the organic inulin.

«Our Jerusalem Artichoke Fiber (Inulin) provides food, beverage, and dietary supplement customers a great prebiotic ingredient that will also help to reduce added sugar, increase dietary fiber, improve mouth feel, and enhance clean label and organic labeling,» said Kyle Griffiths, Chief Marketing Officer for Intrinsic Organics.

The environmental controlled storage will provide the raw material storage capacity for current and future needs as Intrinsic Organics plans to continue to grow their farm and manufacturing operations well beyond its current state. Our 100% Organic Jerusalem Artichoke is grown and manufactured without the use of pesticides, harsh chemical for processing, allergens, chemically aided ion exchange and in environmentally friendly sustainable manner. With growing customer demand and acceptance, Intrinsic Organics expects to continue high growth over the next 3 to 7 years.

The Company

Located in Weiser Idaho of the USA, Intrinsic Organics specializes in the farming and manufacture of 100% organic inulin from Jerusalem Artichoke grown and manufactured in the USA.  Intrinsic Organics has quickly become the largest producer in North America of USDA organic inulin. Founded by Dave Erlebach, the company has built a custom fit, organic certified, manufacturing and storage facilities to produce organic inulin, a prebiotic fiber. The Intrinsic Organics farming operations today, consist of over 500 acres of company farmed certified organic land drawing water from Idaho’s Snake River, whose crystal-clear water source begins in Yellowstone National Park. Dave Erlebach (CEO) said, «We are excited for this expansion as further validation of our mission of growing organic crops in America for the production of organic, clean, and minimally processed ingredients for use in food, beverage, and supplement products.»   For questions, please contact us at info@intrinsicorganics.com.


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